EYPS System +IB
Two language
Teaching in English and Chinese
Teaching in English and Chinese
Primary school entrance preparation course
Quality Service
Small class sizes
Education and Teaching
Education and Teaching
We are committed to providing international courses which are suitable for children's development. The EYFS system and IBPYP are provided as our curriculum in Seven Star Kindergarten. On the basis of ensuring all-round development of children, we pay attention to reading and encourage personalized development. We have graded reading in English and Chinese, golf, scout training, football, STEM, Lego, dance, choir, creative art, musical enlightenment, and cookery classes as special courses. Furthermore, we also have regular social practice activities, these help our children transfer their knowledge, skills and emotions they have learned in school, to life and the world around them.
Two Language Courses
Two Language Courses

Bilingual Education 50% Chinese Education combined with 50% English Education:<br>

1. Strong cognitive flexibility<br>
2. A strong diversity of thinking<br>
3. Be creative<br>
4. Strong logical ability<br>
5. Strong anti-interference and concentration<br>

Early education
Early education
In addition to offering a wealth of interesting, exploratory courses, we offer primary school readiness courses for large classes. The purpose of this course is to build on the knowledge and skills acquired by children to build a solid foundation for advancement to local or international schools. When children graduate from the Seven Star Kindergarten, they can speak more than one language, can read and write, can confidently express their wishes or ask questions; They are ready for primary school in terms of independence, social skills and academic knowledge.
Quality service
Quality service

Small-class teaching<br>

Two meals & two desserts (lunch, dinner & two desserts ) All meals are cooked fresh by our own chefs and the food is distributed by Metro every day.<br>

Nursery(N) 20 students(2 Chinese teachers &2 life teachers )+ Half day with international teacher<br>

Pre-grade 1 (K1) 20 students(1 Chinese teacher &1 TA +1 Life teacher)+ Half day with international teacher<br>

Pre-grade 2 (K2) 22 students (1 Chinese teachers &1 TA +1 Life teacher)+ Half day with international teacher<br>

Pre-grade 3 (K3) 26 students(1 Chinese teachers &1 TA +1 Life teacher)+ Half day with international teacher<br>

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