Characteristic Courses

Previous studies show that the preschool education has short and long term effects on people. It has been found that successful preschool education has some common educational guidelines, one of which states that the best learning outcomes for young children benefit from a balanced implementation of the following two types of activities:

 ? A child-initiated game with the assistance of an adult

 ? Adult-led focus learning, adults guide children to complete educational and fun activities.As a result, in addition to IBPYP basic core courses, the Seven Star Kindergarten offers a wide range of programs and curriculum to support the personalized development of children as their age.

Seven Star Kindergarten provides each child with ample time for special courses and games, while different activities are carried out and effectively concatenated between different themes, halls, and play areas. Those activities will increase children''''s sensitivity to things, enhance their enthusiasm for the course, develop the ability to concentrate.

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